Children & Young People's Support

Hypnotherapy for children and young people is highly effective, noninvasive and completely safe. I am passionate about helping children & young people live happy, healthy lives.Magic Children

Children & Young People tend to respond very well to hypnotherapy. Their minds are naturally imaginative and they access their subconscious everyday.

Working on issues at a deep subconscious level, can usually resolve matters that a young person has been struggling with in a relatively short time.

“Clarissa has a very calming and caring presence, she is very easy to talk to”

Parent’s and carers are encouraged to attend hypnotherapy sessions as observers, especially for younger children.

Hypnotherapy can help to address a number of issues children and young people commonly experience.

Eating issues
Exam Nerves
Learning capacity
Selective Eating
Self Esteem
Sleep issues
Enhanced Sports Confidence/Performance

“…After our daughter’s very first session she came home with a smile on her face and feeling more relaxed…”

I am also able to work within school settings and have had great success incorporating the Educational Calm Kit Programme. The aim of the Educational Calm Kit is to maximise individuals abilities. It encourages them to perform at their best, particularly in exams. The Educational Calm Kit is designed to bring about positive change to a student’s mindset. It offers young people emotional resilience strategies, mind management techniques and valuable life skills. Instead of focusing on the negatives, by giving them a kit box of tools, they can focus on success and positives.

“Calm Kids helped with my learning and keeps me calm”
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Turn exam stress into exam success with my powerful three-session Exam Calm Kit Programme.

The Calm Kids Mindfulness Programme is a 16 lesson fun, interactive with film clips, games, play and activities introduction to mindfulness for children, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

If you are interested, you can also take part in the training to become a Calm Kids Coach.