Exam Stress to Success

Struggling with exam anxiety, stress, or workload?
Studying to qualify? Trying for a promotion?

exam stress

‘I felt under increasing study and exam pressure. My thoughts were becoming increasingly negative, I stared to focus on my weaknesses rather than my talents and strengths. I started to constantly live with a fear of failure and even in simple school tests I couldn’t remember what I had learnt. Although I had worked hard and was confident in the subject, I was getting nervous weeks sometimes months ahead of exams. The Educational Calm Kit helped me to overcome my anxieties, regain my confidence, concentration, emotional state and perform my best in the exams. I got the grades I needed to go to university’.

Joey J. Hong Kong

Turn exam stress into exam success with my powerful three-session Exam Calm Kit Programme.
Maximise your abilities to perform at your best when it matters most.
Learn Lifelong skills to overcome negative thinking.
Manage stressful situations effectively.
Boost your results, take control of your learning and unleash your full potential.

Exam Stress

Programme Content:

Mind Management Techniques 

Helping you become aware of negative thoughts and unhelpful “self-talk”
Learn techniques to dump negative thoughts and focus on positive successful images.


Develop an awareness of your own potential to relax
Learn and practice empowering relaxation techniques.
Enables you to enjoy your studies and achieve academic success

Emotional Resilience Strategies

Learn and practice coping strategies for potentially stressful situations.
Techniques to instantly recall feelings of relaxation and calmness in any place, at any time.


Mentally rehearsing exam or test situations.
This is a highly effective way of being calmer on the day. The mind is prepared for a positive outcome. The more you mentally rehearse a particular outcome, the more likely you are to experience it (sports people use these techniques)

You will also get

Study and exam guidelines for success
A CD for you to listen to each day to reinforce the Educational Calm Kit process – calm and relaxation
A complimentary CD/MP3 to reinforces a calm mind and dissolves the build up of day-to-day negativity and stress

These techniques can be transferred into general living creating skills for life and developing long-term habits of being calmer, more resilient in pressure situations and better able to perform at your best.

“Clarissa’s bespoke Calm Kids Programme has proved extremely successful for a number of children with a variety of needs. These have included: anger management, family breakdown, low self-esteem and poor concentration among others. After the sessions children definitely seem calmer, happier and have much more self-confidence. During hypnotherapy children are given time to identify and discuss their needs and problems which they enjoy and they are then given strategies to cope when they feel thing are getting out of control. A supporting booklet is created for each individual child to use at home or in school to back up and remind them of these strategies when the process has finished.”

Holmer Lake Primary School – Telford

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