Educational Performance Programme – Exam Stress to Success!

Do you struggle keeping calm when faced with an important exam? Lets turn exam stress to exam success so you can be the best you can possibly be.

My specialist approach to educational performance may be of help.

Many people, including children and young people suffer unnecessary stress because of exam nerves. The aim of the Educational Performance Programme is to maximise an individuals abilities. It encouraging them to perform at their very best when it matters most.

The Educational Performance Programme offers coping strategies and mind management techniques focusing on helping young people to handle their feelings in a positive way. This helps them develop emotional resilience, solve problems and be more successful and happier in school, college and life. The Educational Performance Programme also teaches and promotes life long psychological strategies.

For several years, I have been assisting schools and other educational organisations with similar programmes. These are designed to help and support teachers and students prepare for adult life and exams using relaxation and mind management techniques.

Students frequently latch on to their weaknesses rather than their talents and strengths. They become easily discouraged by negative criticism. I help to realign thought patterns, giving students simple coping strategies to reduce anxiety. This ultimately helps them perform at their very best.

Here’s what one school said about the programme:

“Clarissa’s  bespoke Calm Kids Programme has proved extremely successful for a number of children with a variety of needs. These have included: anger management, family breakdown, low self-esteem and poor concentration among others. After the sessions children definitely seem calmer, happier and have much more self-confidence. During hypnotherapy children are given time to identify and discuss their needs and problems which they enjoy and they are then given strategies to cope when they feel thing are getting out of control. A supporting booklet is created for each individual child to use at home or in school to back up and remind them of these strategies when the process has finished.”


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