Hypnosis for the mental side of peak performance.

It’s Wimbledon!

Tennis the beautiful game, particularly when played on grass, my favourite surface. A moving game of chess which requires total focus, concentration and emotional resilience. For spectator’s life is gentler with the options of strawberries & cream, cucumber sandwiches and champagne – perfect on a summers day…

Interestingly, there is a long history of hypnosis in tennis and sport. With hypnosis, sports performance can be dramatically improved in terms of speed, concentration, strength and style. Psychologically, hypnosis can help to overcome mental blocks, increase emotional resilience, motivation and determination.

Most sportspeople use some form of hypnosis – visualisation, meditation or affirmations and many seek the help of a professional hypnotist to assist in their preparation for an event and training. Sports hypnotists work directly with the subconscious part of the brain which controls behaviours, so change is often rapid.

Visualisation techniques can be used in preparation for a specific event or for general training. The first step is to get the person into a relaxed state. Then the specific actions that are being are sought are mentally rehearsed. During these visualisation sessions, the body makes tiny muscle movements required for a technique or action. Effectively training the muscles memory to perform the technique or action perfectly.


Sports men and women often incorporate imagery and mental rehearsal into their practice routines. Whilst hypnotised they imagine, themselves rehearsing and refining the perfect serve, scoring the perfect goal or driving the perfect ball.

There are many other ways in which hypnosis can help in sports performance. ‘Modelling is successfully used in tennis and other sports. Whilst in hypnosis a tennis player will picture a champion and model what he or she does both physically and mentally, subconsciously imitating the behaviour.

Anchoring states is another useful technique. Whilst in hypnosis a person will recall a time of sporting excellence such as winning a race, scoring a goal or serving the perfect ace: real or imagined. When these feelings of success reach their peak, the emotion is anchored, helping to create a subconscious memory.

With hypnosis, most people can experience an improvement in their performance whether they be an elite sportsperson or a club player.

I have used these techniques successfully with tennis players, runners, footballers and golfers.

These enhancing performance techniques can be used in other areas of life: including: exams, driving tests, interviews and public speaking.

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