I can tell you all about the qualifications I have and explain the way I work and the outcomes I hope to achieve. But why listen to me when you can read what individuals have said after working with me…
If after reading these testimonials you are ready to work with me just get in touch, I can’t wait to help you.
“Clarissa is passionate about helping people. Her knowledge, skills and experience have supported many people to make successful and positive transitions in their lives. She really cares. It’s a pleasure working with her”

Thank you for the session of FLP. It really helped me to decide which job to take. I have been in post 7 months now and am happy: great colleagues, interesting work with progression, paid for courses and health insurance. I wouldn’t have taken this job if I hadn’t been able to see my future self happy and contented. The session helped me to choose between 3 job offers. Thank you.

Archie Wolverhampton
Future Life Progression

I had some hypnotherapy with you a few months ago and promised to let you know how I got on. I have deliberately waited a decent time to be sure, but the session seems to have been very effective! I have not only not had a hint of a ‘panic ‘ since, but I have been able to communicate with my mother, without anger, in a way I never have before. Quite incredible.

Ollie – New York via Skype
Fear / Panic Attacks

A massive thank you to Clarissa and Sheila for a fab training and the great energy whizzing in that training room. I started watching it on Sunday and finished it yesterday as I kept pausing a lot to write down all the extra invaluable information and advice that was being said. It left me on a high and when I picked my kids up from school I decided to immediately approach one of my kid’s phase head teachers about the idea and she was very delighted by the idea and said that it is ‘very timely’ that I mention this to her as it’s something that she feels is very much needed by the school and explained to me how concerned she was becoming at the number of children coming forward with all sorts of stress and anxiety issues and this is a primary school that I am talking about. Thank you once again for a fabulous training!

Sama Alansair – Calm Kids Coach
Calm Kids Coaching Training

Clarissa’s bespoke Calm Kids Programme has proved extremely successful for a number of children with a variety of needs. These have included: anger management, family breakdown, low self-esteem and poor concentration among others. After the sessions children definitely seem calmer, happier and have much more self-confidence. During hypnotherapy children are given time to identify and discuss their needs and problems which they enjoy and they are then given strategies to cope when they feel thing are getting out of control. A supporting booklet is created for each individual child to use at home or in school to back up and remind them of these strategies when the process has finished.

Holmer Lake Primary School – Telford
Calm Kids School Programme

In her first year of secondary school, our daughter was being bullied. With the stress of this, the feeling of being lost in a new school and the extra homework load, she soon started feeling low and depressed.We decided to give Hypnotherapy a try.

A friend told us about Clarissa. After our daughter’s very first session she came home with a smile on her face and feeling more relaxed. After a few more visits with Clarissa our daughter is eating well, coping with school, feeling a lot more positive and loving life.

Dawn – West Midlands
Children Support

I have been receiving treatment from Clarissa for several years now. She is always sensitive and kind. I always look forward to our sessions.

Debbie – Shrewsbury

I’d tried every diet without success. Enough was enough so I got in touch with Clarissa and signed on to her hypnotherapy weight loss programme. I had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and two personalised CD. I have already lost 19 lbs. I feel so healthy and happier in myself. This is a sustainable way to loose weight and doesn’t involve diets or weigh-ins. Clarissa keeps in touch to check how I am progressing, she is always positive, encouraging and motivational.

JD – Shrewsbury
Weight Loss Programme

Absolutely brilliant. Only had one session so far and it has made a huge difference, I feel confident within myself, already. So confident I have already started to apply for jobs. Would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Julie – Hong Kong
Stress & Anxiety – Confidence

Hi Clarissa I just wanted to send a message to say thank you so much for sharing the Calm Kid Coaching Programme – it was just what I had been looking for and I am so enjoying using it with the children. We spoke last year when I contacted you for some advice and it was so appreciated. I am currently working with a child who has anxiety and another with jealousy issues. Thanks once again for being so generous with your time and your ideas, I think you have made a couple of my dreams come true… I’ll keep you posted.

Helen Eadon – Calm Kids Coach
Calm Kids Coaching & Advice

Following a session with Carissa Woodcock in which we worked on my fear of spiders;  when we started, on a  scale of 1-10 my fear of spiders was 9.

By the end of the session I felt my fear had dissipated to 1 out of 10.  I have waited a while to see whether this could be tested on a larger specimen.  So far I have got rid of 2 smaller of the species with a glass and piece of paper.  I was not worried when the first spider escaped and ran around the glass.  It was quite small but prior to the treatment that would have freaked me out.

I am a lot calmer too. I suspect this is all down to you and your therapy.

Kay Shrewsbury
Spider Phobia

Clarissa did a wonderful job yesterday and was a great teacher

Sheila Granger –
International hypnotherapist and Keynote Speaker
Calm Kids Coach Training

Calm Kids helped with my learning and keeps me calm

Got tools now to help manage my anger

Helped with learning and keeps me calm and relaxed

Gave me the confidence to answer questions in class and make friends

Various Children’s Comments
Educational Calm Kit

I had started to panic about my ‘A’ levels and Clarissa Woodcock helped me through the process with her Educational Success Programme. She taught me a variety of strategies and tactics, which helped before and on the day of the exams. Being in a good place helped me perform at my very best. The results were very good and I have achieved my place at university. It’s a good programme because the strategies Clarissa taught me I can use in other aspects of my life, particularly Squash matches.

Debbie – Mid Wales
Educational Performance Programme

Clarissa constantly pushes herself. She’s committed to her continuous professional development, ensures she’s ‘ahead of the game’ and provides a high-level of customer service. She is honest, trustworthy and has a well developed sense of integrity.

Andrew Jones – Telford

I can’t recommend Clarissa enough. We had one session over Skype and she has changed my life. The fear of visiting the dentist has gone.

HL – Birmingham
Stress & Anxiety – Fears

I am a 65 years old female. Around 3 years ago I inexplicably started to have debilitating back pain which defied any medical explanation. Living with extreme pain was also causing stress and sleep problems. As soon as I met Clarissa she put me at ease and her therapy room has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. With a combination of Reiki and hypnotherapy, she helped me manage my pain and stress levels. My confidence having returned, I am now back to exercising and walking again which I love. The knock on effect – my sleep pattern has improved. Clarissa helped me a lot, she is professional, sensitive to my needs and a fantastic listener.

Barbara – Oswestry
Pain Management & Stress