Therapies & Support

“Clarissa has a very calming and caring presence, she is very easy to talk to”

I would love to help you live a happier, healthier life.

In addition to hypnotherapy, I use a range of other treatments, techniques and therapeutic interventions to give you the best experience and support possible. Below please find a brief overview of some of these.

There are 3 ways you can work with me. I am 100% committed to helping you transform your life. There are many hurdles we might face, and sometimes we just need a helping hand to get over them. Together we will work out what therapies are going to work best for YOU and your circumstances.

Face to Face

My therapy room is located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. There is ample free parking and it’s close to regular bus routes.

Skype & Video Call

Distance is no longer an issue. Get help and support from the comfort of your own home. I work with clients all around the world including Hong Kong, Canada and Cyprus

Home Visits

Depending on where you are located I may be able to visit you. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Sessions generally take place on a one to one basis.

Payment for work must be received, preferably through PayPal, prior to the session.

Further details of the internationally acclaimed Calm Kids Coaching, Calm Kids Mindfulness and the GHR accredited Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma Programmes can be found under Training.

Therapies That I Offer

If you would like further information please get in touch. You can also find information including specific packages and areas that I specialise in such as: sustained weight loss, phobias & fears, stress & anxiety, exam stress, educational & sports performance on the main pages through the menu. Just click on the links or scroll through.

Hypnotherapy / Coaching / PsyTaP /Reiki / Past Life Progression & Future Life Regression / OldPain2Go™️


Works by using relaxation techniques, leaving your subconscious mind more receptive to new ideas and suggestions. Clinical hypnotherapy uses the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

You remain conscious during hypnotherapy. The feeling is a comfortable heightened sense of awareness which allows you to be aware of your thoughts and the sounds around you. Many people compare the
sensation to daydreaming and a feeling of ‘drifting in and out’ of what is being said.

It can be used as a treatment for a multitude of conditions and issues, including, to name a few:

weight management, stress, fatigue, burnout, enhanced educational & sports performance, managing skin conditions, fears & phobias, low self-confidence, obsessions & compulsions, pain management and phobias.

The first session involves a full exploration of the issue you want to work on. You will be introduced to hypnosis and experience the fantastic feelings of relaxation and calmness which results from being hypnotised.

Duration of therapy is dependent on your circumstances and the reasons why you are seeking help. It can range from a one off single session of up to two hours, to a longer-term approach with several weekly sessions.

Contact me & move towards your happier, healthier life

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

Where you will live?
Who will be in your life?
What is your life’s purpose?
How your career will be progressing?
What is the destiny of your business?
Are you making the most of your current life or are there better options?

Future Life Progression is a powerful interactive technique that allows you through a deep and guided visualisation process to explore and make informed choices by exploring alternative life paths, see who or what you no longer want in your future and discover which other opportunities might be available to you.

Take yourself forward 5, 10, 15 years or more and even into future lives. In doing so you can see where you will be if you follow your current path or choose alternative futures, which by making small changes in your life now you can achieve. You can even ask your future self for advice on your current situation and how you can enhance it to ensure you get the most from this life time.

You may also be able to observe yourself in a future life or through the eyes of the person you are in that life, to explore current and potential life outcomes and to see how the decisions you make now and the future could affect you and your life in the future

“…You can use Future Life Progression to meet your soul mate and find long-lasting love, to reveal your talents and to see exactly where you’ll be in 10 years’ time; choose your own destiny, overcome blocks, and speed up future success; ….discover future trends in the workplace;….. It is exciting, pioneering and life changing.” – The Future Is Yours by Anne Jirsch

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As a person centred coach, qualifying in 1994, I use my inter-personal, listening and questioning skills and experience from coaching in every session. This helps you to explore what is important to you, and what you want to change to be the best you can possibly be. I am likely to combine coaching with my other therapies to ensure that you are supported to reach your goal in as little time as possible.

My aim is to focus totally on your needs by:

• discussing your situation, values, attitudes and beliefs
• helping you to set and achieve suitable goals for change
• supporting you stay motivated and committed

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PsyTaP – Psychosensory Techniques and Principles

Psy TaP is a unique blend of therapies: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, Hypnosis, NLP, Havening, Thought Field Therapy, VCART, taking the best elements from each and combining them.

It is an energy based therapy, which helps you clear blockages in your meridian system. Problems will fade away in as little as one session.

The principle of Psy-TaP is to work content free – you don’t need to tell me what the problem is or relive painful memories, you only have to say how you are feeling, and what you want to feel.

PsyTaP was born from a need to change the way we approach therapy to fit in with today’s time poor society. It is a solution focused, rather than problem focused approach.


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The Japanese Symbols for Reiki

The spiritual aspect, the divine connection

The life force energy that flows through every living being





Mikao Usui 1865-1926
Founder of Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful energy healing system. It is helpful for all – you don’t need a reason to receive it.

Some people receive Reiki simply to relax, others because they are stressed, anxious, in pain or grieving. Whilst others might need it to cope with life and move forward. Reiki welcomes all and helps all because it has an intelligence of its own.

Energy stimulates the body’s innate healing abilities and deals with physical ailments. It goes right down to the root of problems, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

It helps in relaxation and coping with stress: harmonising body and mind.

Reiki is a spiritual path, re-connecting you with the power and peace within yourself. It is not a religion. It works with whatever religious path you have chosen for your life – and equally well, if you do not follow traditional religious beliefs.

“I have been receiving treatment from Clarissa for several years now. She is always sensitive and kind. I always look forward to our sessions.”


In Pain from an old injury, medical condition or emotional experience – where you don’t need the old pain message to remind you that you once had a problem?

Well there is a way to have that old pain message completely removed – for good with OldPain2Go™️

This is an opportunity you really need to take. What do you have to lose but that old pain

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