Workshops & Talks

“Clarissa is a consummate professional; passionate about helping people…”

Details of future Workshops and Packages will be coming soon, until then please feel free to discuss this with me. I have delivered health and well-being workshops as well as specific sessions around hypnotherapy, relaxation and reiki.

Relaxed WorkshopsI take great pleasure in delivering talks and raising awareness of the benefits of hypnotherapy. Companies, clubs, societies and groups of interested individuals, these sessions are suitable and adaptable to all.

In my talks I include the fascinating uses of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, secrets of the trance state and challenges of the power of suggestion. The talk is informal and there is plenty of time to ask questions.

Presentation WorkshopsThe session concludes with a demonstration of psychological phenomena and a group relaxation. The event lasts around an hour, but can be tailored to your needs. Afterwards, participants are welcome to pick up a leaflet or speak to me in confidence about what hypnotherapy can do for them.

So, if your group would like to know more about the fascinating subject, feel free to contact me for further details.